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At Stiryum, we assess candidates working with a wide range of technologies, so whether you need engineers to maintain your legacy products or work on bleeding-edge technology, we’ve got you covered.

Why tech companies choose Stiryum

You can focus on picking the perfect developers for your company while we take care of how to find them. We save your engineering team time on interviewing and guarantee higher retention rates than other talent sources. Businesses can hire senior pre-vetted engineers with excellent technical and collaboration skills who are available to start delivering from day one.

Why top developers join Stiryum

We focus on career-building for developers instead of short-term gigs and are able to provide income stability due to our high rematch rate. Working with Stiryum allows developers to work remotely with flexible hours and have a steady career growth. We also provide an exclusive developer network so you can learn from engineers working at leading companies.


We want to create something delicious by mixing high-performing engineers with leading tech companies.

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How It Works

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Our Role

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How It Helps You

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1What is the process to hire a developer through Stiryum?

You can hire developers in these simple steps:

  1. Share the skills and experience you need. You can schedule a call where our expert will understand your requirements. 
  2. We handpick the best candidates for your needs. You will get a list of pre-vetted developers within days.
  3. Shortlist candidates for interviews. Select and meet the developers you would like to interview.
  4. Onboard selected developers. Developers join your team and start building within weeks.
2What types of engagement does Stiryum offer (full-time, part-time, etc.)?

Stiryum focuses on building long-term engagements. Most of our developers are looking for full-time work. We do not offer many part-time developers and our sourcing and vetting is focused on full-time remote work.

3How does the developer vetting process work?

We test developers based on their technical skills and experience from previous work. Our developers have to clear tests for Algorithms and Data Structures, frameworks, problem-solving, and frameworks. Each of them also goes through a cultural interview to assess their work ethic and ability to work remotely.

4Can I have additional screening questions for developers?

Yes, you can let us know what questions to add to the screening process and we will accommodate you.

5Can I hire from a particular region?

Yes, Stiryum can provide you candidates from a particular region  that meet your requirements.

6Do all Stiryum developers speak proficient English?

Yes, our developers pass a communication interview which assesses their English language skills and personality.

7Are there any upfront recruiting costs?

There is no upfront cost of hiring developers through Stiryum. You start paying after the developer has started working for you.


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